Which Nigerian Artist Is Most Likely To Win A Grammy First?


The 2016 edition of the very coveted
Grammy awards went down 2 days ago, and
it’s that time once again to not only admire
the best musicians of the past year from an
international standpoint, but also check and
reflect on who among our current crop of
Nigerian artists can win a Grammy. Which
Nigerian artist is most likely to win it first?
While Mali, South Africa, Senegal, and
Benin can all boasts of having Grammy
winners (in some cases multiple), we don’t
have any yet especially being a country that
produces so much music on a yearly basis.
Most recently Femi Kuti was nominated four
times at the Grammy Awards but has come
up short each time.
So who’s likely to win a first Grammy for
► Many Nigerian artists sing about it in
their lyrics and talk about it coughs.9ice,
Skales, Burna
, but do they really think they
► Do they make the music that will take
them to that podium?
► Are they getting the international PR and
promotion they should?
History suggests Femi Kuti , who has 4
nominations across previous years, has the
best chance of winning one first, but time is
against him. Other names that get thrown
around a bit are Asa, Darey , Lagbaja , Timi
Dakolo , Nneka , Praiz, and Brymo . But these
are just the names that get associated with
the award quite a bit. It could be anyone
quite honestly. So I ask;
Which Nigerian Artist Is Most Likely To Win A
Grammy First?
Please drop comments and share your
thoughts. Let’s discuss.


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