I have come to understand in essence that in life some good
things need some similar bad things to survive. This theory is
not based on some biased facts BT in general terms being
The most common of it is ‘LOVE-HATE’.
N/B: We all know that when something seem to appear more
real and true, it is fake and also when it seem to have more
complications, its gonna be great.
‘True love’ is never true until there was an ‘HATE’ amidst it
sometimes back.
Let’s prove this scientifically in a layman’s knowledge:
To the science students, the magnetic field study is essential
in the survival of existence and probably creation. Science has
it that unlike poles attract i.e (+,-), while like poles repel (-,-),
To humans, LOVE is regarded positive (+) on the other hand,
HATE is a negative (-) factor.
Take for instance “she loves me but I hate what she does. I
love her but she hates me, I love her but I hate what she
does.” sounds funny isn’t it?
This happens in some people’s life but they can’t figure it out.
They just conclude maybe that’s the way it suppose to be. Yea
that’s true but there’s more to it than the mind can easily
phatom. It is the same that occurs where u can’t succeed
without obstacles, can’t win without ever loosing, can’t be
victorious without having enemies. There must be something
odd in it to be true.
The next time she says she hates you but she smiles at you
always and you love her but confused. Watch out, something
interesting is around.
There are other facts based on this theory. Hope to analyze
some of them sometime again.



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