Petition To Ban Donald Trump From The UK Reaches 500,000 Signatures Making It ‘Most Popular Ever’


Half a million people have signed a petition
calling for the US Presidential candidate to be
blocked on ‘hate speech’ comments.

A petition to ban Donald Trump from
Britain has soared over 500,000 signatures –
making it what is thought to be the most
popular ever.
A Mirror Online report shows that more
than half a million people have signed the
petition, which was launched after the US
presidential hopeful called for all Muslims
to be barred from entering America.
The petition reads that the “unacceptable
behaviour” criteria used to stop hate
preachers entering Britain “must be fairly
applied to the rich as well as poor, and the
weak as well as powerful”.
Smashing the 500,000 threshold means the
demand will be considered for a Commons
But Chancellor George Osborne says the
former US Apprentice star will not be
banned from Britain despite his comments.
The Chancellor attacked the White House
hopeful’s “nonsense” remarks – branding
him “profoundly wrong”.
“I think the best way to defeat nonsense like
this is to engage in robust, democratic
debate and make it very clear that his views
are not welcome,” he said.
“That is the best way to deal with Donald
Trump and his views, rather than try to ban
presidential candidates.”


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