Eliminate Your Fears By Putting Them Into Perspective



Why do we fear that which will make us grow? Think about that statement for a minute. Why do we fear that which will make us grow?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is not. It seems all those things in the world that will assist in our growth we completely overlook. We then substitute it with something haphazard.

We treat things like confidence, courage, self trust, love, as if they were the grim reaper. It is as if they were entities that only the elite could access.

Why is that? How did we get to a point in civilization when our gifts are perceived as our demise?

A large part comes from our inherent views on the world and how we are to perceive it. We have bought into someone else’s ideals.

Some ideals we continue to live by:

– “The world is a scary place


Says who? Because one or a few people say it does it make it so? What do you have to compare it to? Scary or any other fear term is up to individual interpretation. Some people thrive on things that others fear. That is what makes us individual. Some other people just don’t want to see you succeed beyond them. It is unfortunate but true. The point is, it is your life and you need to do it your way. The way that comes naturally to you. I am not talking about reinventing the wheel. I am talking about following your intuition and trusting yourself to do what is fulfilling to you.

“Don’t trust anyone who gives you something for nothing

Why not? Certainly caution plays a part but depending on what it is, consider it a gift. We are coming to an age of a paradigm shift where many people are giving rather than receiving because it makes them feel good. They understand the fundamentals in life consist of that of being united rather than divide and conquer. Sure, a lot is given for free in hopes of increased sales and that you will be their next customer perhaps, but if it is something you are interested in and it is free why wouldn’t you accept it? What’s to say you don’t learn something valuable?


– “Watch out for a wolf in sheeps clothing”

I’m sure by now we all get the basic concept of the Laws of Attraction. If we run around mistrusting everyone we will only be attracted to those types of people. Trust in yourself enough to rely on your assertiveness and intuition to weed out the disguises. We all get a sense of someone’s integrity, simply learn to listen more than speak and decide for yourself.  By trusting yourself and others you will be surprised at the friends you meet along the way.

–  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you it could be pretty risky

“Ok ma, do you want to pay my bills for the rest of my life and feed me antidepressants because I am miserable not doing what I want and because I don’t want to hurt your feelings?”

What ‘ma’ may want is just to see her child not fail or suffer, but really, what message is she sending? That you don’t have what it takes? You’re not smart enough? Sure, it isn’t intentional but that is the message your subconscious is receiving.

Isn’t it time to throw caution to the wind? I mean really? Haven’t we been scared long enough? And what may I ask are we even scared of? We already know that no one thinks about our faults as much as we ourselves do. And who says we really have any? Oh ok we all have some but it is again subject to interpretation.

Some of my faults are others strengths. Go figure

Let go of these constraints you have and live life your way for a change. Aren’t you sick of taking orders from everyone else? Haven’t you had enough of being too tired to enjoy the sole purpose of being on earth?

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