Do you find yourself confused by women’s behavior? Unsure of who she really is?
Just who is the real woman?
“The real woman is a sensitive evenly emotional being”.
“You’re wrong. She’s a bitchy, complaining mean thing!”
“No, you’re both wrong! She’s a sweet caring individual.”

  So many different opinions! Why are women’s behaviors so mysterious? Will we ever figure them out?
What is the REALITY behind women’s behavior? Who is the real woman?

Be prepared, for what follows might upset the way you picture women. But this revelation is NECESSARY to bring you future success.
Women are none of these! A lot of the time, anyway.

And here’s the reason……..

Women have a plan for their network of relationships. In their mind, the world revolves around them. So they assign different relationships to different kinds of people.

What this means is that women also have a plan for how each guy she meets fit into her life.

This Means You!

to be continued….

Posted by chelaw1


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