Everyday Manners


In this section we’ll look at manners that help us through the day—everything from a quick greeting to waiting in line to eating a meal to how you look. No one wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror, and says, “I think I’ll be rude all day today.” Yet when we’re in a hurry or dealing with strangers, we don’t always use the manners we know we should. It’s not just about knowing these manners;  it’s about being intentional in their use. See what a difference even the simplest courtesies can make to your day-to-day interactions.

Guidelines for Living   ( 9 Articles )

Amidst today’s fast-paced world of technological innovation and casual lifestyles, manners naturally adapt to new situations. Social and cultural traditions fuse and transform in new ways, and the roles and expectations of adults and children evolve to meet those trends. Despite continuous changes, however, social civility remains rooted in the guiding principles of respect, consideration, and honesty.
Important Manners for Every Day   ( 7 Articles )

We use daily manners constantly without even thinking. From greeting and introducing others to making requests and expressing thanks, these simple exchanges are the foundation of all interactions. Since our choices impact others, it is important to make our choices thoughtfully,  so as to communicate a considerate awareness of oneself and others.
Common Courtesies   ( 12 Articles )

Common courtesies are the little gestures that we perform out of respect for others. They can be as simple as holding open a door or letting someone go ahead in a long line, to something as grand as sharing a homemade meal. Most importantly, they are characterized by a specific awareness of our surroundings and how our behaviors may affect those around us.
Your Personal Image   ( 6 Articles )

Unless you have a career in television, you probably neither stop in “hair and make-up” before walking out the door each day, nor have the luxury of a personal fashion consultant. It is perfectly acceptable to care about and respect how you look, though. Your outward appearance is not only an important aspect of how you present yourself-it reflects the importance you attach to the situations and people around you.
Table Manners   ( 10 Articles )

As meals are social events, it is essential to practice proper manners. This includes setting the table, serving yourself and others, using utensils, and cleaning up. It also can mean dealing with those  unexpected dining difficulties, such as specific allergies, unruley children, or guests that overwear their stay. As with any social situation, consideration for those around you can make a world of difference to the outcome.

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