Reasons Why The Headies Is Still The Best Musical Awards In Nigeria


The Headies is Nigeria’s biggest and most prestigious awards with 9 vibrant editions which gets bigger and better year in year out.

.The Headies is not just a plaque, it’s made up of resin, copper, steel, marble plated with 21 carat Gold.

. The Headies motivates the just ‘’Setting In’’ artistes to put in so much hard work in the materials they are releasing because of the next rated category which comes with a brand new Hyundai SUV.

. Once you win a Headie, your story automatically changes, your status and reputation inflates on a high note.

. The only platform that appreciates the legends in the industry (Hall Of Fame). The Headies basically reminds us that this legends still exist.

. The Headies is the first awards to recognize other artistes outside Nigeria (African Act of the year).

.The Headies is the most consistent, most credible and most anticipated awards show in Nigeria

. The Headies sets a platform for upcoming acts to nominate themselves and compete to win a Headie (The Rookie of the year) which gives these upcoming acts a sense of belonging in the Music industry

.The Headies is the only awards that treats its nominees as Kings and Queens as they are always chauffeured in a limousine to the red carpet.

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