Boko Haram Attacks University Of Maiduguiri

Its been a serious one going around the Northern part of the country. The rate at which the bomb blasts this few days has been very terrible and scary that we get scared to move out or even stay inside our houses. The threat is getting worse. Yet another report i got from a Naijaloadites last night was as thus:

There has been a bomb blast at the University of Maiduguiri. Witnesses say there were multiple explosions, the first of which went off around 11pm/12pm. Students in the boys hostel close to the ‘epicentre’ have sought refuge in other halls. It has not yet been confirmed if there are casualties.

The sad part is that with the shut down of maiduguri airport. Students might not even be able to move out of town with reports indicating that suspected Boko Haram militants attacked some (A) vehicle(s) along maiduguiri /damaturu road killing an unspecified number of people. it is not yet sure if students (who had just finished their exams) are part of the casualties.


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